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Hadia Oso Dawed (40), a Syrian refugee, prepares lunch for her family inside her tent at the Domiz Refugee Camp in Iraqi-Kurdistan. Originally from Hassaka province in Syria, Hadia crossed the border into Iraq in February 2013 when shelling in near her home became heavier and she and her husband could no longer provide food or safety for their 5 children. The camp, run by the UNHCR and International Rescue Committee, is home to around 4,500 refugees who have fled from the ongoing Syrian civil war with up to 400 new inhabitants arriving every day.  Built on the site of a former Iraqi Army base that was bombed during the 2003 Coalition forces invasion of Iraq, the camp was cleared of cluster bombs and unexploded ordnance by the Mines Advisory Group (MAG), a demining NGO working in Iraqi-Kurdistan.